Dr Rashidah Haji Bolhassan

CEO, Sarawak State LIbrary

Reaching out to all newborns in Malaysia

Initiated by the Sarawak State Library and supported by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, and the Ministry of Health in Malaysia, the Reading Seeds programme is a continuation of the "Born to Read" programme that seeks to promote literacy in the early stages of a child’s life since 2003.


Through this initiative, parents play an imperative role in developing a reading culture within the family. With time and collective effort, the snowball effect of every family participating in this programme can eventually increase literacy standards across all levels of society.


Literacy helps opens doors and a world of opportunities. In many rural areas, education is hard to find for kids. Through this programme, we help bring education to the kids instead. And through this starter kit, children from every corner of Malaysia can be exposed to the rich wonders of great content, books, stories, and the world.

The right resources and learning materials.

With every kit, you get to enjoy materials for your child to explore as early as possible. And when you child is ready, you will be able access to world-class content for children on the Me Books App, with over 400 international and regional titles from world renowned publishers to choose from.

Learning begins with listening.

Audio is magical when it comes to learning language and is a wonderful, playful way to help to bridge the gap of literacy in society.

That’s why every book on the Me Books App comes with built-in audio narration with accurate pronunciation and intonation by professional voice actors.


We encourage parents to read to their child as early as possible so to build the communication connection between parents and child.

This also helps support children in their learning and parents in their roles as facilitators, as well as allows kids to learn the proper way to speak and pronounce words, even if English is not the main language spoken at home or in school.

A world of exploration and discovery.

Now, local limitations no longer affect the learning of other cultures, within the region and the whole world.

With each word and each page, every child can explore and discover environments beyond their own and learn about the world around them.

Childhood development education at home.

The developmental milestones chart is beautifully designed to educate parents about their child's development in a simple manner.

Focusing on the four main aspects of a child's development—gross motor, fine motor, speech and language, and social.

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