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Bringing the right resources for your young ones.

Time together is an important factor to grown the bond between you and your young ones, especially when there are growing up ever so fast. Before you knew it, they will be so big and wise and ready to take on the world on their own, so don't let these precious moments pass by. 


Here are some enjoyable activities that you can do with your young ones at home. Spend those precious moments building the world together.

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Me Books App

Empower and inspire your child with Storytelling Fun Guides.

Storytelling Fun Guides add another layer learning, exploration, and discovery to storytelling sessions. This way, story time can be both fun and educational for kids.

For every book in the Me Books App, we have created the Storytelling Fun Guides to make story time both enjoyable and knowledgable for your young ones. Each Storytelling Fun Guide has activities before and after story time. Post-storytelling activities are broken down into three different levels: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced.

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