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Who is eligible to receive this Reading Kit?

Any child below 3 years born in Sarawak.

How do i get this kit?

Kits will either be given at the hospital at the time of birth at the post natal maternity ward, or at selected libraries in Sarawak if your child is below 3 years old.

What is included in the kit?

Recipient will receive the following;

  • One (1) set of baby milestone cards

  • One (1) baby developmental milestones chart

  • One (1) set of developmental wooden blocks

  • Two (2) bilingual learning books: one on alphabets, and one on numbers, shapes, and colours

  • Two (2) sets of storybooks in English and Bahasa Malaysia - "Ambrose and Friends" and "Love,Hopes & Dreams"

  • One (1) height chart

  • One (1) Baby’s Profile Poster

  • Access to the Me Books App for 1 year

My child is below 3 years old, but he/she wasn't born in a government hospital. Is my child entitled?

Yes, any child born within Sarawak is entitled to this program. Kindly check with the library nearby you.


How do it download the Me Books App?

  1. Click the "Get Promo Code" button below.

  2. Register your child's name, address, email and IC number.

  3. You will receive a promo code within 24 - 48 hours in your email.

  4. Go to the app store (Apple / Google play store) and download the Me Books Plus App.

  5. Start the Me Books App.

  6. Once in the app, go to the "Accounts" tab in the ride side bar and insert your promo code.

  7. You now have 1 year access to the Me Books App. Enjoy.

How do i download the story telling guide and resources?

Go to the resources tab in the top menu and click it. There will be links on many topics for you to choose from. The files are in PDF format and can be printed for pers

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